edSPIRIT, the New Partner of Open edX®



We are excited to announce that edSPIRIT has become the official partner of Open edX® .

edSPIRIT is the newest learning platform developed by Notion Wave Inc. Canada.

As a fully self-managed SaaS platform powered by Open edX®, it offers flexible pricing plans for different-sized organizations. This partnership will be an excellent opportunity for edSPIRIT customers to enhance their skills and knowledge, access a wide range of customizable e-learning courses, create content, and share it with a global audience.

About edSPIRIT:

edSPIRIT provides accessible learning for education in the future.

Customers can launch their own branded education platform within minutes.

We have contributed a lot in Arabic and right-to-left languages, as well as the development side of the platform within the Open edX community. In addition, the platform’s flexibility and scalability have enabled us to offer our customers a truly personalized learning experience, utilizing the latest technology and resources from open edX® and offering them high-quality e-learning content and resources.

edSPIRIT will continue to contribute our technological expertise and industrial experiences to promote open edX® technology in the e-learning world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website at: www.edspirit.com.

Thank you for choosing edSPIRIT!