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50 users









Up to 10x million

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50 users
Billed yearly
For small to medium organizations
  • Branding (Custom Branding)

  • Number of Course Creators (Unlimited)

  • Analytics & Reporting (Native Open edX Reports)

  • Support (Knowledge base, Live Chat & Email Support)

  • 9 more features
50 users
Billed yearly
For medium to large organizations
  • Branding (Custom Branding)

  • Ecommerce

  • Number of Course Creators (Unlimited)

  • Analytics & Reporting (Native Open edX Reports)

  • 13 more features
Up to 10x million users
Billed yearly
For enterprise organizations
  • Branding (Fully White Label)

  • Ecommerce

  • Number of Course Creators (Unlimited)

  • Analytics & Reporting (Advanced Analytics & Insights)

  • 15 more features


Breakdown of features




Replace edSPIRIT brands with yours.

Monetize your courses.

Number of Course Creators
How many of users can become course creators?

Analytics & Reporting
Native Open edX Reports
Native Open edX Reports
Advanced Analytics & Insights

Support for running and managing your instance.
Knowledge base, Live Chat & Email Support
Knowledge base, Live Chat & Email Support
Training, Onboarding, Knowledge base Live Chat & Email Support

3rd Party Integrations
Integration with other programs such as a digital library.

Mobile Apps
Native iOS and Android applications.

Single Sign-On
SAML-based authentication which could be integrated with intitution's SSO in some plans.

Customizable templates for certificates of completion of a course.
Customizable Certificates
Customizable Certificates
Advanced Exclusive Certificates

Custom Domain
Domains other than

More languages in the plan in addition to a default language.

Plugins and add ons to the standard deployment.
Native Xblocks, LTI integration, Scorm, Zoom
Native Xblocks, LTI integration, Scorm, Zoom
Custom Xblocks, LTI integration, Scorm, Zoom

Theme & Page Editor

Max. User Limit
Number of users who can register in your instance.

Version Upgrades
Upgrades to Open edX are deployed once tested and stable.

SSL Certificate
Highly secure URL for your instance.

Dedicated Open edX Instance
You receive a fully functional instance of Open edX.

Exclusive Admin Console
Your dashboard for everything related to your instance.

Managed Hosting
edSPIRIT is responsible for its hardware and software.


  • If you've chosen Open edX for your learning platform, you'll find two main deployment options: on-premise or SaaS-based. With On-premise, you handle hardware and customization; with SaaS like edSPIRIT, everything's managed in the cloud within 20 minutes. Plans, Starter, and Premium cater to different needs, while Enterprise suits larger institutions. Billing cycles start upon instance creation, with monthly or annual subscriptions, and you can cancel anytime before your cycle ends.

  • You can switch plans between “Starter” and “Premium” or adjust your active user limit anytime. This will immediately put you in the new plan and/or tier. Your billing will be prorated and be based on the new status from the date of change. Your credit card may be charged right away if your new plan and tier are more expensive.

  • edSPIRIT distinguishes between “registered users” and “active users.” Your learning system can take any number of registered users who can log in and browse a list of courses. Active users are those users who have registered in one or more courses in a billing cycle. These are considered active users in that cycle.

  • Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription before your billing cycle and continue to enjoy the product until the end of the cycle. Once you cancel and end the billing cycle, your credit card may only be charged for any owing fees due to exceeding active users or other surcharges. All accesses will be suspended. We recommend that you export all your courses before this happens. Upon suspension of access and for three months, we will continue to hold your instance in a paused status. No one can access it, but you can always resume your subscription. Once this period is up, all the data will be removed.

  • Our plans are based on tiers of active users, starting from 50 and increasing. You choose your plan based on your anticipated user count. Billing comprises two parts: plan-based billing, where you prepay a flat fee at the beginning of each cycle (monthly or yearly), and surcharge billing, where any overage incurs a variable cost of $2.5 per active user, billed at the end of each month.

  • We will be retrying your card, but if it fails repetitively, we will email you and ask you to remedy that. If the payment is not done within three months, then your instance will be put on the suspension stage. Your data will be preserved and you can always activate it. Three months after suspension, your site will be completely removed.

  • A one-month free trial is available for you to see how edSPIRIT fits your needs.

  • Our help center has many tips to help you in your decision. You can also chat with one of our friendly sales executives. These are some of the ways to get help: Chat and help widget at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

  • In most cases, it is about 40 minutes. There is no manual work involved and the time is for deployment and delivery in the cloud.

  • These are some of the ways to ask for advice: Chat and help widget at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

  • When you use the one-month trial, it is free. However, after one month, similar to all other cases, we will bill you for the average at the end of each month.

  • If you decide to utilize your one-month trial with edSPIRIT, your account will automatically be upgraded to a premium subscription, and you will be charged accordingly. If you prefer not to continue with the premium subscription, click on "Cancel Subscription", and your instance will be suspended. However, Data is preserved, and you can always request that we activate it.

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